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Digital oscillographic recorder proves useful in strength tests for materials such as steel, concrete and composites.

Creep, compression strength, and tensile strength are all types of material strength tests. X-Y recording can display and record 2 physical variables such as displacement and load as measured by a tension compression testing machine.

The RA2300MKII and RM1102 Digital Oscillographic Recorders include an”X-Y recorder mode” allowing for repeated overwriting, high resolution recording to paper output and general data acquisition.

In addition, the RA2300MKII direct connects to strain gauges, pressure sensors, and displacement sensors.

Material Strength, Compression Test

Material Strength, Compression Strength Test

Material Strength and Tension Test

Material Strength and Tension Test

Material Strength and Compressive Creep Test

Material Strength and Compressive Creep Test

Materials Testing in X-Y Recorder Mode

Materials Testing in X-Y Recorder Mode

High Temperature Creep Test

Creep is a problem that affects materials used in power plants and chemical plants operated at high temperatures over long durations by gradually advancing plastic deformation and microstructural change, carbide coarsening and holes and ruptures. Test pieces held at a high constant temperature are subject to a tensile force that starts below the yield point to measure strain and break point and to evaluate overall material properties. Creep tests and creep rupture tests were performed at high temperatures to find the creep characteristics of heat-resistant steel weld metal for oil reaction tower (550 °C), creep characteristics of 11% Cr steel for a steam turbine (650 °C) and creep resistance performance testing of Ni-base superalloy steel weld metal (750 °C).

Did You Know?

The RA Series simultaneously measures voltage, current, control timing, vibration, rotation, pressure and more directly from sensors. The RA2300MKII (shown above left) has 8 physical slots with 16 channels available for plug-in cards including those listed in the table to the left.

Item Model Specifications
2CH High Resolution Amp AP11-101 ±100mV ~ ±500V, A/D res 16bit 10μs
2CH High Speed Amp AP11-103 ±100mV ~ ±500V, A/D res 12bit 1μs
Event Amp AP11-105 Input: 8 logic (Voltge/Contact)
2CH TC-DC Amp AP11-106A Input: R • T • J • K • W (±100mV ~ ±50V)
2CH AC Strain Amp AP11-104A Response Frequency: 2KHz
2CH DC Strain Amp AP11-110 Response Frequency: 50KHz
2CH Vibration/RMS Amp AP11-109 ±100mV ~ ±500V
F/V Converter AP11-108 Input: 1KHz ~ 10KHzUniversal


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