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Data Acquisition Accessories

Accessories for A&D Data Acquisition products

Item No. Description
0243-2118 BNC Adaptor Distribution AC Bridge
0243-3021 BNC Adaptor And S Terminal Plug
0311-2057 AC Bridge Power Cable 2M- Ban/BNC
0311-5001 Event Input Cable 1.5M Din8 -Open Wire
0311-5004 Voltage Output Cable (1.5M)
0311-5005 Event Input Ext Cable 1.5M Din8-D8
0311-5006 Voltage Output Extension Cable (1.4M)
0311-5007 Logic IC Cord (1Pc)
0311-5008 Logic IC Clip Cord (4Pcs/Set)
0311-5009 Logic IC Alligator Clip Cord (4Pcs/Set)
0311-5160 SIG Input Cable 2M- Banana/ Alligator
0311-5174 SIG Input Cable 2M- Banana/ BNC
0311-5175 SIG Input Cable 2M - BNC/ Alligator
0311-5175-5m SIG Input Cable 5M-BNC/ Alligator
0311-5184 SIG Input Cable 1.95M
0311-5252 Input Cable For Ra23-145 (1.5M)
0311-5332 Logic IC Cord
0311-5335 Cable For Printer
0311-5336 Logic IC Alligator Cord (4Pcs/Set)
0311-5337 Logic IC Clip Cord (4Pcs/Set)
1539 AC/DC Voltage Detector (4 Inputs)
1539S AC/DC Voltage Detector
1540 AC Voltage Level Detector (1 Input)
1540S AC Voltage Level Detector 120V
1543 AC Voltage Level Detector
1543S AC Voltage Level Detector 240V
47226 AC Bridge Power Cable 2M BNC/ BNC
NC-LSC05 Battery Charger - Rm11 Series, 100 Volt
PWC-L07A1-W1-E Battery Charger For Printer
RA11-121 Dust Cover
RA12-103 Z-Fold Paper Storage Box
RA12-301 Z-Fold Paper Adaptor
RA23-125 Touch Panal Sheet (3 Per PACk)
RA23-126 Display Cover Hard PlastIC
RA23-127 Interconnecting Cable Ra23-145-B
RA23-142-B Rs-232C Interface
RA23-143-B AC Bridge Voltage Unit
RA23-144-B Remote Unit
RA23-145A-B Event Module With Junction Cable
RA23-145-B Event Module With Input Cable
RA23-146-B Event Set Box
RA28-132-B Synchronization Unit
RM11-402 Splash Resistant Cover - RM11 Series
RM11-403 Carrying Case - RM11 Series
RM11-405 Display Arm Mount - RM11 Series
RM11-44-B01 Thermal Printer
RM11-SOL8GB SD Memory Card 8Gb - RM11 Series
RS13-01-22-30M 220mm X 30mm Thermal Paper Roll
RS13-01-22-30M Box 220m X 30m Thermal Paper Roll (10 Rolls)
RS13-01-22-30M CASE 220m X 30m Thermal Paper Roll (25 Rolls)
TA220-1122CUS3-4 Data Recorder Carrying Case
TA220-RA11-123 Option, Touch Panel Sheet
YPS112 Z-Fold Paper 220mm X 201m  (Kob.-2017)
YPS118 Recording Paper 11.2m X 25m
ZA13-01-22-210M 220m X 210m Z-Fold Paper


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