Item No. Description
0243-2118 BNC Adaptor Distribution AC Bridge
0243-3021 BNC Adaptor And S Terminal Plug
0311-2057 AC Bridge Power Cable 2M- Ban/BNC
0311-5001 Event Input Cable 1.5M Din8 -Open Wire
0311-5004 Voltage Output Cable (1.5M)
0311-5005 Event Input Ext Cable 1.5M Din8-D8
0311-5006 Voltage Output Extension Cable (1.4M)
0311-5007 Logic IC Cord (1Pc)
0311-5008 Logic IC Clip Cord (4Pcs/Set)
0311-5009 Logic IC Alligator Clip Cord (4Pcs/Set)
0311-5084 AC Bridge Power Cable 2M BNC/Alligator
0311-5155 SIG Input Cable 2M- S Term/ Open Wire
0311-5158 SIG Input Cable 2M- S Term/ Alligator
0311-5160 SIG Input Cable 2M- Banana/ Alligator
0311-5173 SIG Input Cable 2M- S Term/ BNC
0311-5174 SIG Input Cable 2M- Banana/ BNC
0311-5175 SIG Input Cable 2M - BNC/ Alligator
0311-5175-5m SIG Input Cable 5M-BNC/ Alligator
0311-5184 SIG Input Cable 1.95M
0311-5198 SIG Input Cable Insulated BNC/ Open Wire
0311-5252 Input Cable For Ra23-145 (1.5M)
0311-5294 Logic IC Cable
0311-5332 Logic IC Cord
0311-5335 Cable For Printer
0311-5336 Logic IC Alligator Cord (4Pcs/Set)
0311-5337 Logic IC Clip Cord (4Pcs/Set)
1122CUS3-4 Hard Case W/ Custom Made Foam
1539 AC/DC Voltage Detector (4 Inputs)
1539S AC/DC Voltage Detector
1540 AC Voltage Level Detector (1 Input)
1540S AC Voltage Level Detector 120V
1543 AC Voltage Level Detector
1543S AC Voltage Level Detector 240V
37160-9000-0000 Panel & Screws For Module Slots
47226 AC Bridge Power Cable 2M BNC/ BNC
NC-LSC05 Battery Charger - Rm11 Series, 100 Volt
PWC-L07A1-W1-E Battery Charger For Printer
RA11-117-B Hard Carrying Case W/ Casters
RA11-118-B Moblie Cart
RA11-121 Dust Cover
RA12-103 Z-Fold Paper Storage Box
RA12-301 Z-Fold Paper Adaptor
RA23-125 Touch Panal Sheet (3 Per PACk)
RA23-126 Display Cover Hard PlastIC
RA23-127 Interconnecting Cable Ra23-145-B
RA23-142-B Rs-232C Interface
RA23-143-B AC Bridge Voltage Unit
RA23-144-B Remote Unit
RA23-145A-B Event Module With Junction Cable
RA23-145-B Event Module With Input Cable
RA23-146-B Event Set Box
RA28-132-B Synchronization Unit
RM11-402 Splash Resistant Cover - RM11 Series
RM11-403 Carrying Case - RM11 Series
RM11-405 Display Arm Mount - RM11 Series
RM11-44-B01 Thermal Printer
RM11-SOL8GB SD Memory Card 8Gb - RM11 Series
RS13-01-22-30M 220mm X 30mm Thermal Paper Roll
RS13-01-22-30M Box 220m X 30m Thermal Paper Roll (10 Rolls)
RS13-01-22-30M CASE 220m X 30m Thermal Paper Roll (25 Rolls)
RT31-164 Roll Paper Take -Up
RT36-115 Soft Carrying Case
TA220-1122CUS3-4 Data Recorder Carrying Case
TA220-RA11-123 Option, Touch Panel Sheet
TA220-RA23-144 Remote Unit, 2300A Version
YPS112 Z-Fold Paper 220mm X 201m  (Kob.-2017)
YPS118 Recording Paper 11.2m X 25m
ZA13-01-22-210M 220m X 210m Z-Fold Paper


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