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Power and portability.

On the bench or in the plant, Data Acquisition (DAQ) systems from A&D keep your designs moving forward and your facility up and running.  Reduce down-time and get the most from your equipment with proactive monitoring of machinery conditions by anyone, anywhere.

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RA2300MKII Data Acquisition System

The RA2300MKII is the latest in a long line of trusted Data Recorders from A&D. Take the RA2300MKII from bench to factory to field with the industry's largest largest touch-screen (12.1") on a model with a built-in printer.  Available solid-state drive further assures long, robust performance you can count on. 

Professionals in a wide range of industries rely on A&D Data Recorders in applications including:

  • Power quality
  • Machinery health, including vibration measurements
  • Physical and electrical parameters
  • Recording steady-state and transient events
  • X-Y correlations of physical values, especially useful in materials measurements
  • Strain gauges for stress/strain evaluation
  • Package drop and impact characterization
  • Capture diverse signals and measure voltage, current, temperature, strain/stress, vibration and F/V conversions. 

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RM1100 Series Portable Data Acquisition System

The RM1100 is an ultra-portable DAQ system that offers a high-speed 1MSa/sec sampling rate and is ideal for applications where space or mobility is at a premium.  With the ability to measure voltage, current, and temperature, the RM1100 operates in harsh environments without worry thanks to its shock and vibration resistance with a wide operating temperature range (-20°C to +60°C).

With multiple measurement modes, including memory, real-time, and filing modes, you can measure and capture data the most meaningful way for your application in the field (and even on the move).  Solves a wide range of measurement challenges such as: 

  • Physical and electrical parameters, including power quality
  • Recording steady-state and transient events
  • X-Y correlations 

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RA2800A Data Acquisition System

And when you need even more channels, rely on the RA2800A with capacity up to 32 channels. Ideal for high channel-count applications such as:

  • Monitoring and capturing voltages in large, distributed systems
  • Multi-location temperature measurements
  • Strain measurements in aerospace and defense applications

Additionally, the RA2800A shares the same plug-in amplifier modules as the RA2300MKII to make your test and measurement equipment budget go further, and a built-in printer is standard so you can create a permanent, hard-copy record of your tests for archiving or sharing with your customer. 

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There are many reasons to monitor and collect data on a periodic or permanent basis, such as: 

  • Measuring and avoiding voltage surges / drops on critical systems
  • Correlating production line performance to machinery condition 
  • Monitoring processes to develop improvements and/or increased throughput 

Additionally, A&D Data Acquisition systems are flexible and serve a wide array of applications:


Why Trust A&D?

Whether you are recording data at a power plant, out in the field, or monitoring machinery, DAQ systems from A&D provide the trusted reliability and accuracy you need.  As such a critical process in your organization, you shouldn't trust it to just anyone:

  • A&D is an established global company that has been a trusted provider of long-lasting and reliable measurement instrumentation for over 40 years.
  • A&D DAQ solutions help maintain mission-critical operations for customers such as nuclear power plant operators and Western armed services.

  • Our intuitive controls and features allow people to make meaningful measurements within minutes in a variety of environments and applications, no matter the skill level of the user.  

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