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RA2800A Data Acquisition System


The RA2800A, formerly known as the SOLTEC TA220-2800, from A&D is a 32-channel capable version of the RA2300A data acquisition system. 16 physical slots capable of monitoring up 32 channels enable use of any of 12 A&D plug-in amplifiers to interface to a range transducers and event triggers.


  • Multi-channel Measurement

Direct sensor inputs up to 32 channels (16 slots). 16 digital inputs for measuring various timing signals.

  • Unique and easy "Pen-Recorder" Mode

Easy operation like a pen recorder by the touch panel and virtual amp controls. High-speed and high-quality printout at max 50mm/sec.

  • Large 12.1" Display

12.1" TFT color LCD display for better visibility of measured data.

  • Long-term continuous recording on HDD Built-in 40GB HDD provides 60 days recording

At 10ms sampling on 32 channels

  • User selectable measurement modes

With Omniace III RA2800A, users can easily select from five (5) measurement modes: Pen Recorder mode for real time strip chart recording, HD Recorder mode for long term recording of data to an HDD, X-Y Recorder mode for displaying/recording X-Y correlation of two signals, Multi Recorder mode captures transients while recording steady-state signals, and a Memory Recorder mode for recording fast events.

Measuring Modes

  • Simple Operation

A "virtual" Amplifier Control Panel with "Auto Function" automatic adjustment mode combined with our proven reliable touch panel guarantee accurate data recording and simple operation.

  • Upright Type (easy setup on a bench top or rack)

Parts configuration for measurement on a bench top or rackcontrol, display and printer units on the front; amplifiers and interfaces on the back.

  • High-speed & High-quality Printing

Real time selectable chart speeds from 50mm/sec to 1mm/min (resolution: 20 dots/mm).

  • 32 channels analog and 16 channels digital recording

Input up to 32 channels of analog data via isolated, dual channel, plug-in amplifier modules for a wide variety of signals and sensors.Its 16 digital input channels measure diverse signal timing and contact status.

  • Outstanding Search Function

Max/Min, time and other search functions are available for finding required data points automatically after long term measurement.

  • Standard LAN and USB I/F

LAN (100BASE-T) for data communication and USB for connecting to external storage devices are equipped as standard interfaces.

Standard LAN

Mainframe Specifications




12.1" TFT color LCD (1024x768) with touch panel


32 channels(16 slots) + 16 channel digital inputs (built-in on mainframe)



1MW/ch (32MW when using 1 channel)


1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 divisions


Printing method

Thermal head printer on thermal paper

Width of paper


Chart Speed

50mm/s to 1mm/min

Effective printing range

1 division (200mm/FS) to 16 divisions (10mm/FS) or arbitrary divisions and range settings

Storage device
  • Built-in HDD 40GB (including system domain 5GB)
  • External: USB memory, MO through USB standard I/F
  • LAN (100BASE-T) - control with communication command: Standard
  • USB - external storage device connection: Standard
  • RS-232C - control by communication command or UPS shut-down: Option
Measuring mode
  • Pen Recorder - Records real time signal directly on chart paper
  • HD Recorder - Records input signal on built-in HDD directly
  • Measuring mode Memory Recorder - Records high speed events initiated by set trigger
  • Multi Recorder - Combined recording modes of Memory, HDD and/or Pen Recording
  • X-Y Recorder - Displays and records X-Y gragh by arbitrary 1ch f or X and up to 3ch f or Y axis

Approx. 400 (W) x 270 (H) x 380 (D) mm excluding projections

**Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Available Plug-ins

Input Amplifiers

2-channel High Res DC Amp


Input: ±100mV to ±500V, A/D: 16-bit

2-channel FFT Amp


Anti-aliasing filter: 72dB/OCT, w/ power supply for sensor

2-channel High-speed DC Amp


Input: ±100mV to ±500V, A/D: 12-bit

2-channel AC Strain Amp *1


Frequency characteristics: 2kHz, Bridge power: 5kHz

Event Amp


Input: 8 logic (voltage/contact)

2-channel TC/DC Amp


Input: R, T, J, K, W (±100mV to ±50V), A/D: 15-bit



Input: R, T, J, K (±100mV to ±50V), A/D: 14-bit

F/V Converter


Input: 1Hz to 10kHz

2-channel Vibration/RMS Amp


Input: ±100mV to ±500V, w/ power supply for sensor

2-channel DC Strain Amp


Input: 800µe to 20kµe(BV=5V), 2kµe to 50kµe(BV=2V)

2-channel Zero Suppression Amp


Input: ±100mV to ±500V, A/D: 16-bit

*1: Optional AC Bridge Power Unit (RA23-143) is required.


Remote Unit


Use external signals to start/stop recording and paper feed

RS-232C Unit RA23-142 Control by communication commands or UPS shut-down
AC Bridge Power Unit RA23-143 Bridge power unit for 2-channel AC Strain Amp (AP11-104A)
Model Continuity

The Soltec data recorder product line was acquired by A&D in 2015, and since that time, we have continuously supplied products to governments and commercial firms. The list of data recorders includes the following models:

Omniace Falcon II TA220-2300
Omniace Falcon II TA220-2300A
Soltec Falcon II TA220-2300A
Omniace Falcon II TA220-2800
Omniace Falcon II TA220-2800A
Soltec Falcon II TA220-2800A
A&D RA2300
A&D RA2300A
A&D RA2800A
NSN  5963-01-450-8386
NSN  5835-01-583-0453

The models listed above, and the successor product (RA2300MKII), continue to use a common set of plug-in modules such as amplifier cards, interface cards and test leads.  

A&D continues to sell, support, service and service these products from our Americas headquarters in San Jose, California. Various models will continue to carry the Soltec brand identification until further notice. A&D has assumed the Soltec CAGE code 63338 and continues to supply product under this CAGE code.

If you require support or service for your Soltec data recorder, please contact us here

Last updated: 01 April 2018