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RM1100 Series Portable Data Acquisition System


The Omnilight RM1100 Series by A&D allows you to take data acquisition on the road, literally. 4-channel (RM1101) and 8-channel (RM1102) versions accept voltage, temperature and logic (trigger) inputs in a shock-resistant housing. AC and battery operated for automotive drive testing, remote-controlled, maintenance, R&D and QA applications.



Flipped Monitor Display

Flipped Monitor Display

180° Flip Display mode allows RM1100 installed and used upside down with cables hooked up to the bottom.  This mode allows flexibility in connecting cables to suit the location. The optional mount (RM11-405), VESA standard display monitor arms, stands and brackets can be chosen for your installation.


Endurance in Dusty and Humid Conditions


With optional splash-resistant cover (RM11-402) installed on the input terminals, power supply and connecting cables, the RM100 complies with IEC60529 standard for use in tough environments with dust or mist in the air.

Outstanding Usability

Outstanding Usability

Manipulate dynamic waveforms on the 7" LCD touch-screen with a GUI which offers easy operation.


Built Tough

  • Shock and drop resistance withstanding continuous vibration environments such as on-board vehicle tests
  • (MIL-STD-810E 514.5C-1) Wide operating temperatures: - 20℃ to +60℃ (-4°F to +140°F)
  • Compact & rugged case endures dusty and humid environments

Measurement Capability

  • Three measuring modes: "Real-Time" (Paper), "Memory" (Snap-Shot) and "Filing" (SD card storage)
  • High speed recording up to 1µs (1MS/s) to Memory or SD card
  • Long term recording to SD Card, PC or optional thermal printer

Signal Input up to 8 Channels

4 or 8-ch Voltage & Temperature & 4 or 8-point Logic signals

Excellent Portability

  • Long term continuous operation with rechargeable batteries
  • Can also be powered with 12 ~ 24V DC (vehicle) as well as AC
  • Lightweight (approx.1.5kg/ 3.3lbs) with full feature measurement capability

Outstanding Usability

  • Dynamic waveform display on 7" wide & large LCD
  • Touch-screen with GUI offers easy operation
Type RM1101-B01 RM1102-B01
Display 7 inch TFT LCD display (800 x 480 dots)
Operation panel Touch panel
Input (Channel) Voltage/Temperature 4ch 8ch
Logic 4ch 8ch
Sampling Speed 
("Memory", "Filing" mode)
with 1ch : 1MSa/s (1µs) to 1S with 1ch : 1MSa/s (1µs) to 1S
with 2ch : 500kSa/s (2µs) to 1S with 2ch : 500kSa/s (2µs) to 1S/td>
with 3,4ch : 200kSa/s (5µs) to 1S with 3,4ch : 200kSa/s (5µs) to 1S
with 5~ch : 100kSa/s (10µs) to 1S with 5~8ch : 100kSa/s (10µs) to 1S
  with 9~ch : 50kSa/s (20µs) to 1S
Trigger Source Ch 8ch + Logic 8ch 8ch
Detecting Mode OR, AND, OFF, TIMER
Kind of Trigger (Analog) Level Trigger, Window
Storage Media Internal Memory 2,000,000 data/ch
External Media SD Card, corresponding to SDHC
Communication Interface LAN (10/100BASE-T)
RS-232C (for Thermal printer)
External Control Terminals REC IN, Trigger-In, Trigger-Out, Mark-In
Operating Environment Temperature/Humidity Temperature: -20 to 60℃, Humidity: 35 to 80%RH
Vibration Resistance Compliant with MIL-STD-810E 514.5C-1 10Hz to 500Hz, Random wave 1hour each to X, Y, Z directions.
Dust-proof / Splash-proof Construction IP41(IEC60529) when optional RM11-402 Splash-resistant cover is used
Power Supply
  • AC adaptor: 100 to 240V AC (50/60Hz) (with AC adaptor)
  • DC power: 12VDC (with power cable: 12 to 24V DC)
  • Battery: AC adaptor is prior to battery operation
Other Specifications Multiple Language menu 10 Languages (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese)
Timer Function Start time, end time and interval can be set.
Reverse Display Provided
Save/Readout of Settings Measuring conditions can be saved--Internal memory: up to 4 conditions, SD card: up to available storage space.
Screen Image Saving Save screen image on SD card at BMP format (colored)
LCD Monitor Brightness Control & Off Provided
Reading values between cursors Max, min, average, p-p, RMS
Key Lock Provided
Measuring Modes

Select from 3 measuring modes—'Memory Mode' for saving fast events, 'Filing Mode' for saving data for long periods of time on an SD card, and 'Real-time Mode' for printing out waveforms using an external printer.

Multiple Measuring Modes

Memory mode

Data is saved to built-in memory (2M data/channel) at a maximum speed of 1µs (1M samples/second). Measured data is displayed, printed with an external printer, or saved on a SD card.