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Soltec Model Continuity

The Soltec data recorder product line was acquired by A&D in 2015, and since that time, we have continuously supplied products to governments and commercial firms. The list of data recorders includes the following models:

Omniace Falcon II TA220-2300
Omniace Falcon II TA220-2300A
Soltec Falcon II TA220-2300A
Omniace Falcon II TA220-2800
Omniace Falcon II TA220-2800A
Soltec Falcon II TA220-2800A
A&D RA2300
A&D RA2300A
A&D RA2800A
NSN  5963-01-450-8386
NSN  5835-01-583-0453

The models listed above, and the successor product (RA2300MKII), continue to use a common set of plug-in modules such as amplifier cards, interface cards and test leads.  

A&D continues to sell, support, service and service these products from our Americas headquarters in San Jose, California. Certain models will continue to carry the Soltec brand identification until further notice. A&D now supplies these products under our CAGE code 63338, with the previous Soltec Corp CAGE code 31991 no longer in use.

If you require support or service for your Soltec data recorder, please contact us here

Omniace and Sanei Instruments Model History

Did you know?
If you need to record signals on paper, you need a Chart Recorder.
If you are looking for a chart recorder, look to Omniace. Omniace is now A&D.

The Story of Omniace
Sanei Instruments manufactured Electromagnetic Oscillographic Recorders and Pen Oscillographic Recorders for 60 years. Sanei developed the Omniace to print signals on thermal paper and has been valued by customers for 30 years. A&D acquired this technology and the data recorder product lines in 2015. A&D designed and recently released the new Omniace RA2300MKII to continue to supply easy-to-use, rugged recorders for field and bench use.
Omniace History

Last updated: 21 August 2018